Emmy® Awards Online Judging

Rocky Mountain Chapter JUDGINg


Aaron Webster
Ali Ghanbari
Alison Momeyer
Andrea Fishman
Anne Glausser
Anthony Knopps
Audra Collie
Barbara Brooks
Barney Wiggs
Ben Yonker
Bennett Haeberle
Beth McLeod
Bill McMillen
Billy Muhammed
Bob Williams
Brian Travalik
Caitlin Madill
Carl Monday
Chris Flook
Chris Wilson
Chrys Peterson
Clayton Tayor
Dan Sevic
Dan Spehler
Darren LaShelle
Dave Fulton
Dave Kuznicki
David Bradford
David Holmes
David Kuznicki
Dawn Kendrick
Don Boggs
Eric Bolstridge
Evan Johnson
Felix Rodrigues-Lima
Gary Harrison
Greg Golya
Heather Hunt
Holly Sechrist
Jason Klocko
Jeff Tanchak
Jeff Wagner
Jennifer Boresz
Jennifer Jordan
Jennifer Picciano
Jill Glavan
Joe Koskovics
Joe Ranyak
John Duong
John Telich
Jon Von Enck
Joni Michels
Joshua Love
Kara Kenney
Karen Hensel
Kerry Williams
Kim Jacobs
Kristen Fofrich
Kristen Kirchhaine
Kristi Leigh
Kyle Hufford
Kyle Travers
Kyliea Kerg
Leah Haslage
Loni Blanford
Marty Oravec
Mary Fecteau
Mary Gerber
Matt Donahue
Matthew Hill
Melissa Mack
Melissa Mack
Michael Bachmann
Michael Long
Mike Bacon
Mitch Davis
Monique Jackson
Myke Perrey
Nate Heck
Nathan Wilson
Nina Criscuolo
Perry Metz
Peter Huston
Rafael Sanchez
Raven Taylor
Rebecca Regnier
Richard Wilson
Rick Jackson
Ron Martin
Ross Ellet
Ryan Minnaugh
Ryan Thedwall
Ryan Wichman
Sara Roth
Sarah Buduson
Sean Ash
Seth Keever
Shane Craig
Shawn Rech
Steve Andress
Steve Kurrent
Steve Warren
Susan Batt
Susanne Schwibs
Tara Sutton
Ted Green
Teresa Mackin
Tim Dale
Tom Farmer
Tom Meyer
Tom Triol
Tony Geftos
Troy Kehoe


Judging is back in style as of today  These are from the Rocky Mountain Chapter (Phoenix, et.al).  I will be contacting a couple hundred members to begin judging asap.  Anyone qualified to judge who wants to participate just send an email indicating the category you prefer to [email protected].  I'll send instructions and log in codes.  We need to have these done around July 10th.

Starting July 1st we will be judging panels from the Chicago/Midwest Chapter and the Lone Star Chapter.

Bob Hammer 

If you have been assigned a category click here for judging access.

Newscast - Daytime or Evening-Larger Markets 1-49
Newscast - Daytime or Evening-Medium Markets 50-99
Breaking News
Feature News Report-Light & Serious Feature
News Special
Crime - News Single Story/News Feature/Program Feature
Historic/Cultural-Program Feature/Segment & Program Special
Human Interest - News Single Story/Series/Feature & Program Feature/Segment
Human Interest - Program/Special
Military - Program Feature/Segment or Program/Special
Politics/Government-News Single Story/Feature
Sports - One-Time Special
Documentary - Topical
Interview/Discussion-Program/Special or Series
Public/Current/Community Affairs - Feature/Segment & Program Special
Special Event Coverage (other than News or Sports)-Live or Edited
On-Camera Talent - Anchor - News
On-Camera Talent - Transportation/Traffic
On-Camera Talent Reporter - Investigative

Questions? Contact Bob Hammer 440-503-2121 voice or text or email [email protected]